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The Single Heart Book

Too often we feel stuck in our lives, being battered by life experiences and not knowing how to move forward. In both our relationships and in our spirituality, our hearts can feel broken. Our brokenness is appealing to God, but it's not his desire for us to stay that way.

The Single Heart is a journey of how trusting in Jesus can restore you and transform you back to your original state-a healed and whole person. Author Langré Edwards shares her own inspiring story of finding and accepting Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, all after spending years in a transformative wilderness. While she began single in heart and in spirit, she asked for God's union and discovered true restoration and wholeness in him. Her journey can help with issues related to upbringing and family, the powerful bonding force of sex and intimacy, voids we may have that require healing, multiple facets of physical relationships, and reclaiming your identity and your single, unified heart.

If you are feeling single in love, in life, in mind, and in spirit, then come on a journey to wholeness in the Lord. God's Spirit can work within you and reveal to you the fragmented and divided parts of your heart, mind, and spirit. And by giving yourself-pieces and all-over to Christ, you too can be put back together in the image and in the heart of the Father.


About the Author

Langré Edwards is a first-time author, and she accepted God’s call to write The Single Heart after her transformative journey. The woman she is today is not the woman she was when she first accepted Jesus Christ, and now she is passionate about documenting moments and memories. She is a professional photographer, an abstract artist, and a lover of life; her motto is “live authentically, love intentionally.”


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