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Behind the Blog and Store

Hi, my name is Langre'.

Since I was 11 years old (maybe earlier than that), I have always been an avid journaler. I have written my life experiences, highs, and lows, on the pages of all different kinds of journals. My favorite creative outlets consist of writing for my Christian lifestyle blog (www.theinspiredinfluencer.com/blog) and painting. In 2020, I decided to merge the two passions by creating my very own journal collection!


Why the name The Inspired Influencer?

The Inspired Influencer transforms nothing into something great and beautiful. They are those who breathe freshness, an air of inspiration, hope, encouragement to those who need it. They transition from those who think they can't, to those who know they can. 
This store is dedicated to being a space of inspiration and to encourage those in positions of influence to impact the world with the heartbeat of Heaven; with compassion, grace, boldness and confidence. 

Journaling Benefits

There are many reasons why people journal: Travels, dreams, gratitude, sadness, grief, prayer or a mix of everything together. Although nowadays people usually have blogs where they share their lives along with social media; journaling is private and allow us the chance to express our deepest desires without being judged.
Writing down our thoughts, feelings, and actions down in a journal allows us to craft and maintain our sense of self and solidifies our identity. It can help us to reflect on our experiences and discover our authentic self.

A Purchase with a Purpose

When you make a purchase of journals from this collection, we are committed to donating a portion of those proceeds to the Women’s Resource Center of Bermuda. This non-profit organization focuses on Supporting Women, Strengthening Families, and Fostering Community’. Their goal is to support women facing life’s challenges, by providing information, appropriate referrals and confidential counseling.  They also aim to help to instill in women the self-respect, self-determination and leadership qualities that will guide them towards realizing their potential with education and training programs. (Read More)