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31 Journal Prompts eBook

From dream journals, gratitude journals, travel journals, to prayer journals, there are many reasons why people keep a written form for different aspects of their life.

Journaling has been suggested to help:

  • Improve memory and organize complicated thoughts. 

  • Reduce stress and enhance mental well-being.

  • Give time for self-reflection and decompressing.

  • Improve your mood by providing an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts and behavior.


Although, nowadays, it is common for people to document their lives through #blogs, #vlogs, and social media, many of us are still seeking ways to decrease our digital footprint and screen time. #TheSocialDilemma 

So why not give jotting in a journal a try and create a new habit?

Perhaps, you have toyed with the idea, but find yourself stuck and staring unrewardingly at a blank page? 

I have created an eBook with 31 journal prompts JUST FOR YOU. 

In this eBook, you will receive questions for you to take the time to ponder, pray, and "marinate" in each day. Use it as a tool to guide you through your writing time, and to inspire new aspirations. The questions in this eBook are surrounding personal and mindful reflection, cues for spiritual growth, encouragement for finding and developing a self-care routine (or refreshing the one you already have).

So, go pick purchase for yourself a cute journal to begin the 31 day writing prompts. Consider making it a challenge for next month!